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Improved API Error Response / Processing

This would allow for greater clarity when using the API.

When creating any multi-line object then if a line-item errors, we get a good error message in the 400 response - e.g. "Response: Pricing Unit cannot be changed for this stock item" which is fine.

What we don't get returned is the item code / part of the input string so that we know which one of the many line items is causing that error.

Any chance this can be added into the api response as that way we can surface more useful errors back to the customers in the form of Input Line item #, (SKU if relevant) has errored with <Error message>

Also in the case of a multi-line submissions at the moment the behaviour is process until the 1st error and then stop.

Rather than process all lines and return all errors in the one go - this would stop resubmission attempts.


Line 1 sku xyz has error type 2

Line 5 sku xyz2 has error type 3

Line 15 sku abc has error type 15


At the moment it’s submit response, get the 1st error returned, fix that, resubmit, get a new error + repeat until eventually submitted.

  • Jeff Smith
  • Apr 19 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit Improved Error handling for all API users, reduces the number of submission attempts when processing.
How do you solve for this problem today? Manual / time consuming process to identify the cause of the errors and resolve (hrs) where as the API has the value we need.
Product Variant Sage 200 Professional