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Free text lines in Sales Orders - Unable to invoice on staged / part invoices

We are unable to invoice Free Text items on a part-invoiced order - a pain when that's all the items we want to actually invoice the customer for. This means we have to raise an invoice via the Invoicing module to send to the customer, NOT post it in Sage 200, receive the customer payment of the invoice as Payment on Account - repeat as required depending on the number of staged payments we have!

BEFORE raising the final invoice, we then add a line on the Sales order, adding the negative value lines to account for payments already made, and THEN finally raise and post the invoice. Extremely messy, and could be considered as fraudulent entries as they are all DUMMY invoices that are being sent to the customer apart from the final one.

Can we fix the Free Text part-invoicing, so we can invoice everything through the SOP and not have to go all around the houses with dummy invoices, etc.?

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  • Oct 1 2023
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    14 Mar 05:17pm

    This can be achieved by doing the following:

    • On the order line, set the confirmation prior to invoicing to either Confirm with Goods Despatched / Received or Confirm with Service / Free Text

    • Use the Despatch routine and amend the quantity to Despatch to the amount you wish to Invoice

    • Print Invoice - the invoice will only include the despatched amount

    • Post the Invoice - only the despatched amount will be posted.

    • Repeat steps for the next required invoiced amount