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Better Messaging on allocation errors relating to Use By dates

I had a case today where the customer was unable to allocate free stock on an order line. On raising the line and selecting the warehouse and typing a quantity, it came up with a yellow highlight in the Quantity field (and red if you tried to allocate) stating There isn't enough free stock at this location. There was enough stock but after delving into investigating for corruption - and the data being fine - i found i could write the stock off and do an internal allocation for this stock. I eventually found that the batch couldn't be selected due to it having a Use By date in August. Can the messaging on the yellow and red highlights in the SOP enter order line screen be set with a better message in this instance - where the use by date is out of date - stating something like the use by date on the selected stock is out of date - that way it would make sense firstly to the user entering the line and secondly for anyone investigating why the stock couldn't be added.

  • Gary Butler
  • Dec 3 2019
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support