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Allow the entered promise date (when updated) in the order details screen to be automatically applied to each item line in the order

99% of our business is with overseas customers, we rarely ship partially and so the promise date for the order is always the same for each line also. Currently the promise date only applies to each line if the promise date is entered before any lines are added. So when we update the order with the actual promise date it does not change the lines, so when I check in workspaces Sales order line enquiries, the information on promise date is never correct. I would like a pop up button that you can enable/disable in settings to say would you like this promise date to be applied to every line on the order? We sometimes have 30/40 line orders and so to update each line with the same date takes far too long, for it to be done for all lines with one click of the mouse would be great.

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  • Mar 24 2022
  • In Development
Fixed in version 2024 R2
Implemented in version (specific) 2024 R2
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