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Deletion of Nominal Codes

We used to be able to delete nominal ledger codes that are obsolete, whilst I appreciate the new feature to 'hide' codes has been added, we would rather have the ability to delete them completely. We create a new 'Company' for each new financial year, this enables us to retain our historic financial years for audit purposes and to meet retention requirements, As a Sixth Form College, we account differently to schools, academies etc. and our reporting is more align to &companies&. We do restructure our nominal to suit the organisation and the ability to delete nominal accounts was of significant value, unfortunately this has vanished since upgrading to SAGE200c. Please can this functionality return?

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  • Oct 2 2019
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    30 Nov, 2023 04:40pm

    If you are on Sage 200 Professional, you have the option to purge and archive - where if all transactions are removed as part of this routine you will be able to remove the nominal code. Please can you confirm what variant of Sage 200 you are using.

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