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Allow the ability to remove default nominal codes in supplier accounts

It is very annoying to not be able to remove default nominal codes from supplier accounts.

We have several suppliers who were set up with a specific purchase in mind and were coded accordingly, who have since become suppliers of varied products needing different nominal codes, and we cannot remove the default. This causes problems when having to keep overwriting the code that appears on the screen as, admittedly mostly due to human error, we find that invoices get posted to the default.

If there was no default appearing, it forces the user to input a code which can be visually checked against the document in front of them.

The help function is entirely unhelpful as it suggests we input a default nominal account when creating an account and nowhere does it mention that this cannot be removed once entered!

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  • Apr 1 2021
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    1 Nov, 2023 02:52pm

    You are able to change the default, you cannot leave this blank or enter something invalid if you have the following setting restrict account selection to existing and active accounts.