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Consolidated Nominal List View by Nominal Code OR Category Code

Users wish to see the Nominal List in a consolidated view either by the Nominal Code or Category Code. This needs to be an option on the list view like you can do in Sage 50.

The list would total each nominal code i.e. it would not show individual cost centre/depts. .when it is first displayed. It will show the whole chart of accounts i.e. no split between Balance Sheet and P&L i.e. just like the nominal list but in summarised form. There should also be an option to drill down to sub-nominal accounts & to the transactions at all levels - either nominal code or sub nominal code

Users wish this to be an option on the nominal list rather than a separate workspace or the consolidated TB that has been available as a report to download

There also needs to be an option to filter zero balance account when the list is drilled down

View nominal structure is too summarised, and does not export to excel

  • Saeed Malik
  • Sep 5 2018
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support