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Make the 'Use by' fulfilment sequence work when batch numbers are selected when despatching stock.

The 'Use By oldest date' stock fulfilment sequence is over ridden by bin priority when the system is configured to assign batch/serial numbers upon despatch rather than allocation. When despatching stock we would like to be able to choose batches from their oldest use by date, however sage 200 does not allow for this if batch and serial numbers are assigned upon despatch. Instead the system will not use the stock fulfilment sequence assigned but will use Bin priority instead and automatically choose the batch from the bin with the highest priority. This change would be helpful for industries which have a legal standard with expiry/use by dates.

  • mollie mcewan
  • Jan 26 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit The benefit of this is that the batches which have the oldest use by date will be able to be selected instead of the batch with the highest bin priority.
How do you solve for this problem today? You can currently solve this problem by going into 'amend picking list' and changing the allocation manually.
  • mollie mcewan commented
    26 Feb 10:11am

    My setting ins tock order fulfilment are correctly set to 'Use by', the point is that this is overridden when selecting batch numbers upon despatch as confirmed by Sage. Thank you for your comment though. :)

  • Tony Davis-Coyle commented
    19 Feb 09:45am

    Check your stock settings in Stock Control\Stock Records\Stock Order Fulfilment. You may find that these are different to what you're expecting.