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Improve warehouse hierarchy and stock fulfilment - (1915)

Currently when allocating stock with multiple warehouses the system first selects the warehouse with the most stock and then applies the stock order fulfilment rules. This can lead toa number or problems such as stock perishing un-necessarily, un-necessary transportation of stock and over ordering.Warehouse hierarchy should be improved to allow warehouse priority to determine the order in which the system looks to other warehouses. This could also be added as additional tier to stock fulfilment method (i.e. maybe a tick box to determine when to apply warehouse priority before or after the stock fulfilment rule) this would give the flexibility of used in situations where it is not possible to determine which stock to use based purely on the stock order fulfilment method (i.e. stock in 2 warehouses with the same use by date).

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  • Feb 12 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support