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Sage 200 Disconnected Logins - Automatic Clear Down

A feature we would like to see is for disconnected logins to be cleared down automatically after a set period of say 1 hour or 1 day etc, currently we have to manually do this, and we only find out when a user reports an issue. Or even if that is not possible some form of automated email when a disconnected login appears would be great so we can at least take action before it affects a user.

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  • Jan 2 2020
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
  • Chris Gorringe commented
    16 Nov, 2023 05:10pm

    This is a good idea but this could lead to issues being overlooked that should be resolved at the client. Ideally, a better way of centrally logging client errors and issues needs to be implemented either before or as part of this change.

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