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Auto logout Sage users:

Customer would like a built-in enhancement where you can define a set period of time where it logs out a Sage user from the program automatically, in their case, 20 minutes, providing there has been no activity.

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  • Oct 11 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
  • Chris Potter commented
    30 Jan 12:50pm

    Commenting for visibility that either an auto-logout or the ability to force log out of users is vital for month end processes. There are numerous "Merged ideas" referencing this, but this specific idea doesn't comment on or reflect that this is key to being able to process month end activities without having to call every single user still logged in.

  • Chris Gorringe commented
    29 Jan 09:45am

    This also needs to take into account of when a machine goes to sleep. At the moment, when a machine sleeps and Sage 200 is open, the session will become disconnected after about 5 mins. When the machine is woken from sleep, if the user then proceeds to use the Sage client, it will crash because the session is no longer valid. Either the Sage client needs to block the sleep state or to detect the transition to the sleep state and decide what to do next. If the client can close, it should be closed so that sleep is possible or if not, block sleep with perhaps a warning to the user.

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