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SOP Despatch, tracking screen. Pieces. Need extra fields for package type / no of packages.

Pieces is being used to show the number of pallets being sent.

Package information is also required, the number of packages and type of package (from a drop down if possible). Box/Carton etc

  • Karen Ona Gibbons
  • Mar 19 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit Extends the functionality of the tracking screen.
How do you solve for this problem today? Put the no and type of packages in notes
Product Variant Sage 200 Professional
  • Fiona Scragg commented
    21 Mar 05:27pm

    We are currently using both the CIM and Sage tracking screens so we can record both the number of packages (with package type ) and the number of pallets on each despatch. Whilst not ideal because the info is split across two input screens this works. However, the CIM tracking record is not saved until after Sage prints the despatch note so we cannot print the package information on the despatch note. Ideally the Sage tracking screen would ask for package type (configurable droplist of values as per CIM functionality) and number of packages.

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    21 Mar 04:26pm

    Fiona could you expand on your comment -what workaround, is it putting the number and type of packages in the notes?

  • Fiona Scragg commented
    19 Mar 04:54pm

    Suggested work-around does not work for us. We need separate fields for reporting.