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Printing of Batch Number quantity on Despatch Notes Required

When Batch Numbers are switched on for Despatch notes in SOP; it prints all batch numbers for each specific product shipped on that Despatch note; but it does not highlight the quantity of each batch shipped. eg if 3 items out of 2 batches of the same product are shipped - it shows the 2 batch numbers but not which batch had a quantity of 2 and which batch a quantity of 1.

The Data is not treated to cover both scenarios from a traceability aspect without a quantity present even if it is always one

Serial numbers track each individual unit of an item. Batches track a quantity of an item, the Despatch note should be amended to allow for both scenarios with quantities visible on the document for any real value - If the SOP Settings - Document printing allows for traceability to be printed on documents for both Batch and Serial Number printing the Batch/SN Quantity is need to be added

  • Victoria Hanley
  • Apr 28 2023
  • Delivered
Fixed in version Report Design Library
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    1 Nov, 2023 04:13pm

    Added field TraceSOPDespRcptLines.Quantity to SOP Despatch Note (Single Plain Paper) please visit our Sage 200 - Community Hub Ideas Reports Article for more information.