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Warning when insufficient stock on Invoicing

When using SOP invoicing and there is no stock an invoice is produced anyway even though stock is set not to go into negative. This means the customer gets an invoice for goods they could not possibly have received. Can there be a warning either at line entry or when trying to print the invoice that there is insufficient stock - continue Yes/No

  • carla renno
  • Mar 15 2024
  • Will not implement
Idea Benefit Errors are prevented before the customer gets the bill
How do you solve for this problem today? Cancel/Credit invoice - raise new invoice. Send apology to customer. wait longer for payment
  • Steve Stratton commented
    2 Apr 08:52am

    Additional info - the sale is made at a remote depot and forwarded to head office to load into sage. If the paperwork is incorrect then the wrong item is invoiced to the customer without warning.

  • Steve Stratton commented
    25 Mar 09:32am

    Create new SOP Invoice, Add stock lines, print invoice. Status changes to printed. Post invoice errors with insufficient stock message by which time the customer has had the invoice

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    21 Mar 04:23pm

    Thanks for the comment, I've updated your idea as your notes state you are in the Invoicing module, rather than Sales Order Processing. The 2 are used for slightly different purposes, if you wish to use & track despatched then you should be processing through the sales order processing module.

    Invoicing is not intended for this purpose.

  • carla renno commented
    19 Mar 09:31am

    It is in sales order processing, then invoicing, invoice is entered and you can print the invoice which sends the copy to the customer and when you try and post the invoice it won't allow you too as it comes back there is insufficient stock.

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    18 Mar 04:09pm

    Please could you provide detailed steps to replicate this, including confirming if you are in the Sales Order Processing or Invoicing module.