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Unable to re-name or remove phase from project structure

I've discovered that when you're amending a project, there are some issues where Sage 200 doesn't work as you'd expect it to.

In Project Accounting I clicked on "Amend Project" then "Amend Project Structure". Whilst in "Amend Project Structure" I expanded the "Grouping Levels" because I wanted to add some new phases to a project. I clicked the "New" button to add a new phase and you then get the box/window which I've attached a copy of named "Project phase.PNG". Whilst in the "Add New PHASE" window, you have the option to create the code and also the title. There is also a tick-box in the top right which says "Item available for selection". However, I made a mistake and added a phase to the incorrect project. I thought I'd easily be able to either overtype what I'd done or if I couldn't update it, at least make it unavailable for use. The incorrect phase them shows in the list. If you double click on it, the item moves from the middle column to the right column and shows within the project structure. You'd perhaps expect when double clicking for it to open up the previous box to edit it which would then also allow you to untick the "item available for selection" box. I don't see why the tick-box is included in that screen when there doesn't then seem to be any obvious way to access it. I've tried to click the "<Remove" button but that only removes things from the project structure (right column). So there seems to be no way to either stop it from being made available for selection or to even re-name something if for example a spelling mistake or typo were to occur.

This seems like a bit of an issue which I thought you should be aware of. It seems like an "Edit" button is perhaps missing on the "Amend Project Structure" window. Or perhaps the double click could allow you to edit or modify as opposed to moving it into the project structure. I have also tried to right click and there's no delete or edit options either.

Happy to do a screenshare via Teams for example if my explanation above isn't clear. Thanks

  • John Wilkins
  • Jan 24 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit Ability to edit phase within project structure
How do you solve for this problem today? Unable to as far as I'm aware - no current solution