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Choose Layouts within Sage 2015 to change for all companies not just the one you are in

I have just been informed by Sage 200 support that with 2015 we can basically never change the name that is defaulted within Choose Layouts. So for example it defaults to SOP Invoice (Single) if we wanted to use SOP invoice (Continuous) we would need to copy this into custom and rename it SOP Invoice (Single). If we were to change within one company and choose layouts to be SOP Invoice (Continuous) it would only use that layout within that company. We would need to change this in every company. This is going to cause numerous issues for example, if they have an issue with their bespoke layout. We then test the default but what if their layout is actually Continuous we have no way of knowing this as nothing can be called what it actually is in this respect. There is nothing in any documentation that states this change and it didn&t feel like anybody was particular bothered about this or thought it was an issue. I to be honest don&t think this should be an idea hub it&s a fundamental issue with the software.

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  • Oct 28 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support