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Sage 200c help files to be version specific

When you access the Sage 200c help files the web pages relate to the latest of 200c. So a user running Sage 200c Summer 2017 will see the same help files as a user running Sage 200c Summer 2019. As there are features that are present in the later release that were not in the earlier this can result in misleading information being shown.

For example the way the Web App is configured for external usage changed in the Sage 200c Summer 2019 release, and this is what is documented in the help files - In earlier 200c releases you still had to use external facing web certificates which is both completely different in method and comes at a potential cost to the client.

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  • Mar 17 2020
  • Will not implement
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    20 Nov, 2023 09:52am

    As part of our modernisation plans, we're developing our Web Portal, this means a new set of helpfiles - which are version controlled. Over time this will be the replacement product help. You can access our Web Portal help to find out more.

  • David Lee commented
    20 Nov, 2023 08:36am

    The online help for Sage 200 Professional is not just for the latest version, but will cover all versions from the initial release in 2017.
    We will indicate any content that is only appropriate for a particular version of Sage 200, but let us know if anything is not clearly marked or can be improved.

    In some cases, we also remove help content when a particular feature is no longer supported or available.