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Ability to amend Back-to-Back Orders

When a customer reduces the quantity of the product ordered, there is no way to amend the PO. Example, your customer orders three copies of Sage 200 software, you raise a SO, delivery direct from supplier, and 'save and generate' a PO is raised for the three copies. Your customer then contacts you to advise they only want two copies. Ok, you can amend the SO and create a cancelled order line, you even get a message advising that it is linked to a PO and reducing the SO quantity will not reduce the PO quantity. So what do you do to reduce the PO? The options are to completely remove the line from the PO - thus breaking the back-to-back link, and amend the PO. This option negates the back-to-back system. Or, you could receive the three copies on the PO and then remember that you then need to create a purchase order return to remove the third item from stock. Neither of these are acceptable workarounds. Surely there must be a better option?

  • Debbie Hunt
  • Dec 21 2016
  • Further Information Required
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    19 Mar 12:09pm

    Thanks for the idea, we are unable to replicate your steps, we are able to reduce the quantities so I a not sure if I am missing a step?

    Entered the sales order, and as part of order entry the purchase order was generated. Order was then received i.e. 36 out of 40, we were able to reduce the quantity. Please provide the steps and we can review.

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