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Ability to lock down the Save As location for epayment files when using Generate Payments

This idea relates to using the Generate Payments feature, found in: Sage 200 Purchase Ledger Period End Routines Payment Processing Generate Payments It also relates to the Common Directory specified whenconfiguring a Cash Book account for use with e-payments: Sage 200 Cash Book Cash Book List Highlight and Amend a Cash Book Account E-Banking tab File Locations When usingGenerate Payments to produce an e-payment file, the Save As feature initially opens into theCommon Directory specified against the Cash Book account beingused for the payment run. However, the Save As location can be over-ridden to allow the file to be saved anywhere else. To protect the content of the epayment file, it would bebeneficial if the Save As location could be locked down to justthe Common Directory specified against the Cash Book account, and for access to the e-banking options in the cash book account to be restricted at a more detailed level so that only certain users can modify these file locations. This change in functionality would mean that a payment file could be generated into a directory with restrictedaccess rights, and then not be modified by an end user before it&s uploaded into the bank. The current functionality provides an opportunity for the ebanking file to be tampered with before it is moved to a final location, and then uploaded into the banking software.

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  • Oct 28 2019
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support