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Multiple Suggested Payments that can be exported and reimported when ready to Generate Payments

Purchase Ledger/ Period End Routines/ Payment Processing User

1: Generate/ or Amend Suggested Payments until the Reported Suggested Payments agrees to what/who you want to pay. Then export the Suggested Payments to a (.csv) or other output. User

2: Is then able to Delete the initial Suggested Payments, run a Suggested Payments of their own and Generate Payments.

User 1: can then return, Import their Suggested Payments file back into Sage and continue their own process to Generate Payments.

To only have one Suggested Payments listing at any one time is really affecting us whilst we are working from home (Covid-19) If we are in the office and working locally to one another we could simply ask anyone else in the office who makes payments if it was ok to use the Suggested Payments process and not clear theirs by mistake. Having to call around/ email all other users and wait for a response is crippling our payments processing. I would imagine this would even occur when an accounts office is spread over say 2 floors in the same office. The logistics of making sure everyone stays out of our file whilst you complete your task becomes impossible. Simply downloading a file and then returning to that at a later date would resolve this issue.

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  • Apr 9 2020
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support