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Separate Generate Order button for Purchase Requisitions on self service

I have a customer who has just started using Purchase Requisitions, most of their users who authorise and enter use Self Service so don't have access to Sage 200. On authorising, a web user accidentally pressed Authorise rather than Authorise and Generate Order. This is quite unforgiving as you don't have a separate option to just Generate Orders from Requisitions in the workspaces, only within the application. Can you look at adding this please? Bit more background as to why its important and for future thoughts, the person Authorising and Generating the requisition becomes the Order Originator, if someone goes to create orders from the Requisition in Sage 200, this person becomes the order originator. This causes a problem on Pop Authorisation as the person creating the order in Sage200 wasn't the originator so may use different authorisation rules, so the order has to be amended and the user updated. This can cause confusion and frustration.

  • Gary Butler
  • Jan 2 2020
  • Delivered
Fixed in version 2018 (Spring/ Summer/ Winter)
Implemented in version (specific) 2018 (Winter)
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    2 Apr 03:31pm

    This was added into our Winter 2018 version - Within SAA, Roles, Features, Purchase Order Processing, Basic you can set access to either Authorise and Generate Orders From Requisitions or Authorise Requisition.

    If you are using you are using Sage 200 Standard the instructions are different, you can find in user access.