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Sage BMS Online services - Assigning to sites feature - request to improve

Hi, Sage recently introduced authorization features to Sage BMS Online services which now adds an extra safety step when users are assigning to sites but who are not marked as a Customer Administrator or Customer Operations Agent. This is a great feature, however as a Partner most of our accounts are of a Partner type so this proves problematic for us as we can no longer smoothly assign ourselves and others to our DEMO sites without seeking authorization. Even then once assigned we will be unassigned again in 24 hours automatically by the system. We could workaround this by creating a DEMO account for demonstration purposes but this would not help those of us in our support teams as we may need to jump into our DEMO sites for a number of reasons such as testing a bug, working through a feature etc.Could the authorization system be fleshed out perhaps so that Partner accounts who are attempting to assign to their own DEMO sites can do so without this extra step?

  • Stuart Mcalister
  • Jun 10 2020
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support