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Retrospective Remittance Advices

I am fairly new to Sage 200, having previously used Sage 50. Unless we make Supplier payments using the Suggested Payments option, we do not appear to be able to print a Remittance Advice? We encountered a problem making an advance payment to a Supplier - we couldn&t post the payment on account via Suggested Payments as there were no outstanding invoices to post the payment against. Instead, we had to post the payment via the Cashbook but this did not appear to generate a Remittance Advice or Confirmation of Payment advice? We do occasionally have Suppliers requesting a retrospective remittance advice to confirm invoices paid on a historic payment, but again, this does not appear to be possible? This feature was possible in Sage 50.

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  • Oct 6 2022
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Fixed in version 2017 (Summer/ Winter)
Implemented in version (specific) 2017 (Winter)