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Multiple URNs on Nominal Transaction Import

I find it quite extraordinary that there seem to be very few requests to improve the NL Transaction Import by allocating 1 URN to all of the imported transaction lines!

When a Journal is created in the system, all of the lines have the same J000n reference and more importantly, the same URN.

When postings are transferred from Payroll, each line is assigned the same URN.

The core premise of accounting traceability in 200 is that all the double entry transactions associated with a posting have the same URN for consistent traceability and this is always explained to new and existing users where possible encompassing the User No, Source Module and URN logic. Much better even than S50 with Headers & Splits as should be expected!

If & when the user starts to use Import functionality within the system, there is a great deal of time wasted, particularly @ the users year end, trying to answer Auditors & Accountants queries, in justifying why all of the double entries don't have the same URN. This also has the effect of raising integrity questions from the User and/or their Accountants.

The Code exists within the system to allocate 1 consistent URN to a block of n transactions within the same Import, could this not be relatively easy to implement within NL T/a Imports please?

  • Graham Michel
  • Aug 5 2020
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  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    13 Feb 04:05pm

    This is possible, please refer to our helpfiles -

    Section: "You can group any matching transactions by entering the same UniqueReferenceNumber value for each transaction in the group. Transactions that have the same UniqueReferenceNumber value in the import file will be assigned to the same new generated transaction URN during the import. The UniqueReferenceNumber value in the import file will not be used as the actual transaction URN (as that is generated automatically), it is just used to indicate which transactions should be assigned to the same generated URN. If you don't specify a UniqueReferenceNumber, transactions will be assigned individual URNs, so they will not be grouped with any other transactions when you view them."