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Old Wish List Item 525 - Allow Importing of multiple cost prices on the Traceable Stock Opening Balance Import

The standard Traceable Opening Balance Import does not allow multiple cost prices for the same stock code, this is very troublesome and can cause a lot of additional manual work. I had a site that recently went live and had spent a long time preparing their opening balance import in Excel, there were over 1500 lines (all Serial Numbered Items using Actual Costing), when I came to import them over 500 were rejected due tot he message: &batch/serial numbered items must all have the same cost price& This totally negates the purpose of using traceable items with actual costing in my opinion. The only way around it is to manually extract all lines that have differing cost prices into separate spreadsheets and perform separate imports (i.e. 1 spreadsheet/import for each change of cost price), in my example this meant over 60 separate spreadsheets.

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  • Aug 5 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support