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MS Windows is Dying....Time to Wake Up!!!!

Sage is famous for not supporting anything BUT MS Windows... ...But the world is changing... WAKE UP SAGE!!!! I know growing organisations that would not countenance Sage software as they are: - Going mobile - Want full cloud accounting (NOT at Sage 200 subscription prices!!!) - Using Google (Chromebooks, etc.)as their technology platform - Using Apple as their technology platform as an extension of the iPhones, & iPads they use as their main go-to devices (which they are used to using) - Have NO loyalty to Microsoft Windows as they were not brought up on this ancient software platform NO desktop PCs, NO laptops in sight... Some of these will be the corporations of the future that will be totally lost customers ...and in the longer term, ALL organisations will go this way and your customer base will shrink dramatically. Think of Ford; Think of Tesla. Which company would you rather be a partner to in the future....? OK this is strong stuff, but do you get the point Sage???

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  • Apr 14 2017
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