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An option to exclude specific Stock Items or Product Groups from Standard Cost Variances

Currently once a stock item is set to use Standard Costing method it is liable for Cost Variance Postings (this applies to item types of Stock/Service/Miscellaneous)Customer would like an option to exclude either Service/Miscellaneousstock items or product groups from the Standard Cost Variance routine There are the options of selecting Single Stock Item, Single Product Group or All Stock Items or choosnig not to post Nominal Adjustments, but this can be very time-consuming if there are hundreds of stock items and having to select items to post or not.So maybe a checkbox/flag at stock item or product group level to mark the item/group to be Exclude from Cost Variance, this way you can run Cost Variances for All Stock Items except those marked. I can see where this would be of some use as you may have a Service or Miscellaneous item that is used for sampling etc.. and do not want Costs Variances generated

  • Paul Daly
  • Jul 25 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support