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Stock Standard Cost History - add column to show quantity of stock

It would be useful to have a quantity on the Stock Standard Cost History to show the quantity of stock present when a user made a change to the standard cost, as it would help them make manual journals to the nominal to account for the change in value of any stock that was held at the point when the cost was amended. Scenario:-

  • Create a new standard cost item - Use Add stock to book some stock in (not via a PO!)

  • Amend Stock item details to change the standard cost figure

  • You now have a discrepancy between the stock valuation report and the nominal balance sheet for this item, as no nominal postings are generated.

  • The current solution is to run the Stock Standard Cost History to find what the value of the stock was changed from/to, then run a retrospective stock valuation to find out how much stock there was the day before or after the change was made (which unfortunately does not account for any changes made during part of the day), then post a manual journal. If the report had the value at the time the cost was changed it would be a lot simpler.

  • Tim Critchley
  • Jul 19 2021
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support