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Allow the home page setting to work on the first log in of the day.

I have been informed that logged issue no 8176 was resolved as cleared because the marketing team have requested the change to prevent the Home Page setting from working the first time a user logs into Sage each day. It use to work on our old version of Sage 200 but has been prevented from working on the Summer 2019 version which we have recently upgraded to. I only log in once a day and I would like to take advantage of this useful setting when I do. I have been informed that the marketing team's justification is that users may miss a new update on the default home page. I don't look at that anyway. I don't need to be marketed to, I need to use Sage to do my job.

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  • May 29 2020
  • Will not implement
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    22 Feb 01:08pm

    The Dynamic homepage doesn't contain marketing information, its used to present you with key information and access points including the ideas portal, bank feeds, and compliance/ legislation topics.