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Can we have commas on the balances on the nominal listing screen?

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  • Oct 25 2016
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Fixed in version 2023 R1
Implemented in version (specific) 2023 R1, Sage 200 Webscreens
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    10 Jun 03:23pm

    Hi David, if you want to comma's on reports that a different idea, please can I ask you to log it separately and then it can be voted on as required.

    In terms of the web screens, these will be the replacement for the desktop so ultimately users will have access to these.

  • David Shearer commented
    5 Jun 01:26pm

    It's all good having this on webscreens but what if they want to print a report or save as PDF to someone who does not have access to Sage or Webscreens? Can the reports in report designer across the board not have a default comma separator. I have another customer asking the same thing.

    Particularly as they deal heavily in foreign currencies and some of them £1 = 190,000 ruppees or whatever so the numbers can get large really quickly.

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    26 Oct, 2023 11:05am

    Sage 200 Web Portal displays values with thousand commas. As we continue to build out the Web Portal, more forms will give this benefit.

    You can find out more details about the Web portal here:

    • Sage 200 Standard:
      Sage 200 professional: