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Change what is included in quot;period end routinesquot;

Hi, apologies if this seems a bit picky, but Ive often thought a lot of routines are quot;dumpedquot; into the heading quot;period end routinesquot; when they arent really part of this. If we take the Nominal Ledger for example....there are several things that you would do no just at the end of a period amp; to me should be moved to something more like quot;utilitiesquot; Update Waitings nbsp;Postings - you could do this daily, or weekly to get your Nominal ledger up to date. Its isnt necessarily at the end of a period VAT Analysis - I think this should be under its own heading amp; not tucked away under period end routine - you could do this mid month, or quartery, you dont immediately think of it as a quot;period end routinequot; Purchase Ledgerperiod end routinesPAYMENT PROCESSING - again, you dont immediately think to look in here as it isnt necessarily a period end routine, you could pay your suppliers weekly. I think this should be under its own heading Accounting System ManagerAccounting Periods. Im aware this controls the periods for ALL ledgers, not just the Nominal, but it is predominately the Nominal that youre interested in. Therefore you seem to have to flip between the NL period end routines, then back down to ASMAccounting periods to run the period end amp; the year end. I think this would be better moved into the Nominal Ledgerperiod end routines. If this was moved in here, users could argue it would be misleading as you would be running the purchase ledger period end from within the Nominal Ledger. Therefore add to each of the other mods, in period end routines, exactly that an quot;end of periodquot; routine. E.g PurchasePeriod End Routinesquot;end of periodquot; I just think the system could do with a tidy up! Many thanks

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  • Jan 29 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support