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Within Generate Orders, a feature to arrange products by supplier, by either supplier code or name.

At present, once in the &Generate Orders& module you can confirm the quantity to generate, however unless your product codes have a prefix to identify a supplier you can&t target an order for only one supplier without going through each individual code one by one. To enable a user to quickly identify all products for a single or various suppliers if you have many, along with many products on the list a filter/ sort with Supplier Name or Supplier Code should be added. As stock codes aren&t able to be changed, in our case a prefix to identify supplier isn&t then feasible, at least not without setting up a new code for all lines, across all three companies. This drawback of Sage 200 is proving very time consuming for us and the above would be an easy fix. There is the option of first running a report, however we are looking to streamline systems, not extend them.Perhaps there is an existing work-around which I have missed, which would be very welcome.

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  • Feb 18 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support