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The ability to change the name of your company in Sage 200 Standard ( change Database name )

Sage 200 Standard and “unable to delete a database or restore into a different database name” if you only have a one-company licence. The need to change a Company Name can happen for the following reasons:- a) Someone got it wrong when the company was set up b) Company name change for trading reasons Other relevant points:- c) The name is picked up from Sage BMSOnLine Services and cannot be changed from within Sage 200 itself, nor BMS OnLine Services. d) The (old) name is prevalent i.e. it is on the Company List when you log in, and it is on the top left-hand-side desktop bar all day long.This is not useful if you are trying to persuade your staff or temps to use your new company name. e) Also, if you go into the Sage 200 Demo data in order to go to Company Management and delete the company, the option is greyed out. Can there be a method to allow the user to change the Company Name within the Sage 200 AI, or to be able to delete the company from within the Sage Demo data? At the moment, the user has to contact Sage 200 Support who have to arrange for a temporary two-company licence to get round this problem.

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  • May 7 2020
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support