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Stop cheque number skipping on multi page remittance

Has ran through the process but is finding that when she created the cheque, it is going on the wrong number, wants the cheque to be 37 but keeps going to 38 - using the standard Cheque and Remittance layout. Allows 18 lines on the remittance Criteria. The customers payment goes onto 24 lines on the remittance, meaning it uses 2 pages, 2nd page has the cheque. So rather than picking up cheque number 37, its skipping it as it would have been on page 1 but thats not used, so it puts 38 on page 2. Edited the Purchase ledger cheque and remittance (Single).layout to allow 24 lines in criteria, tried going through the process again - Still the same If the space available on the page isn't enough it will do this and no real other workaround than to minus the cheque number by 1 which will then give it correctly This isn't ideal and could cause confusion on cheque numbering

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  • Jan 11 2017
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    27 Nov, 2023 08:09am

    The layouts are working as intended, its designed to deal with pre-printed stationary where every page has:

    • Room for transactions on the top, the remittance section.

    • A cheque on the bottom with the cheque number pre-printed on it.

    The final page of the remittance for each supplier will have the cheque printed on it. Any other pages will have the cheque voided by printing X's all over it.

    You wouldn't want a multi page remittance to stop this behaviour.

    Could you provide an example of what you are trying to achieve and we can review this further, as we may have misunderstood your requirements from the notes above.