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Reduce The Number Of Records In The tblAudit Table

Over time the tblAudit table within the Sage200Configuration database can grow to be an unmanageable size. Within System Administrator it would be helpful if there were an option to be able to only keep entries which are x days old. Ideally this would be a 'set and forget' setting with the clean up procedure running for instance when the license key is checked.

  • Alison Alison
  • May 21 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit This would reduce the resources the Sage200Configuration database takes, mainly memory and storage. This also affects backups and the length of time required to take a backup.
How do you solve for this problem today? We don't, the tblAudit table just grows and the server has to have to resources to cope with the additional size of the database. Removing entries from the tblAudit table via a script is currently an unsupported feature.
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    29 May 10:12am

    if you could log the other areas as separate requests to avoid them being missed.

  • Andrew Douglas commented
    28 May 08:31am

    There are a few other audit tables in the configuration database that could benefit from something like this as well.

    tblSessionInfo for example.