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Ability to change the system date of Sage 200

Not sure if this has been logged before, but it would be nice if Sage 200 had a button where you could change the System date. Quite often you run your sales period end in the following month. I.e you run January&s sales period end on say 3rd Feb, once you&ve got all of your invoices & receipts in. Other software have this ability, so you could change your system date to 31/1/16 & be safe in the knowledge that ALL of your postings would be made in the correct month & not dated Feb Secondly, one of our clients rang today & wanted to write off a bad debt & back date it December, so they could finalise their accounts. THey wanted to use the sales ledgeradjust transactionswrite off bad debt - but we cant see a way of doing this? If you had a button that changed this date, you could do this. Im aware that you can change your COMPUTER date, you but may not necessarily want to do this, outside of Sage Many thanks

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  • Jan 19 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support