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Supplier Transactions - ability to update memo field for individual transaction, when allocating

Update Memo field for individual transaction

  • Val Johnstone
  • May 1 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit can add a reason why a transaction is being queried
How do you solve for this problem today? we don't !
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    8 May 09:11am

    Thanks for the comments Val, understand that you now wish to update memo information on supplier allocation. For the query flag on supplier allocations can you log this as a separate idea rather than a comment just so it doesn't get lost.

  • Val Johnstone commented
    7 May 08:23am

    Hi Jo, During the supplier allocations. It would also be handy to see the query flag at this point as it is not currently visible.

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    3 May 10:08am

    thanks for the reply Val, can you provide a short step by step of where you would like to be able to do this in the program?

  • Val Johnstone commented
    3 May 09:57am

    Thank you for the info, but it would be better if you didn't have to go into another location to do this update.

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    2 May 08:14am

    As Geoff mentions this is already possible. If this isn't what you mean, then please can you provide more details.

  • Geoff Turner commented
    2 May 07:53am

    (Sage 200 Professional)

    In Supplier Transaction Enquiry, select Memo Drilldown: you can then add/amend/delete the memos for a transaction

  • Val Johnstone commented
    1 May 09:21am

    it would be useful to use the memo field for individual transactions for notes / reason for held transaction etc