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Separate Bank detail and set up

Within Sage 200 Administration app, New Supplier Account creation and Amend Supplier Account features both incorporate the ability to change bank details.

Usually you'd have the Purchase Ledger clerk responsible for Supplier maintenance but also paying suppliers. This means the same person can then set up a bogus supplier (with their own bank details) and pay themselves.

The ability to separate Bank detail set up and amendment into a separate feature which I can then apply to a different role - and hence give it to another person enables me to segregate duties reducing this risk to the business.

The only way to do this now is to give the entire duty of Set up and Amendment of suppliers to someone else not in Purchase Ledger which doesn't really make sense as other details can change quite often.

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  • Dec 22 2016
  • Delivered
Fixed in version 2019 (Spring/ Summer)
Implemented in version (specific) 2019 (Spring)
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    27 Feb 09:46am

    This was delivered in our Spring 2019 version, you can find full details in our product help

    Additionally, you can audit on the changes - this is the relevant product help link