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Documents to print lines in same order as on sales order after they you have used the move up and down function

When using the move up and move down function on orders, when you come to print the documents because the lines are not renumbered they print out in the original sort order.

  • Sarah Lancaster
  • Mar 8 2024
  • Not an idea
Idea Benefit documents print in same order as on sales order.
How do you solve for this problem today? lines have to be deleted and re-added which is time consuming when doing this on large orders.
Fixed in version Report Design Library
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    14 Mar 05:23pm

    So this would depend on the layout you are using, we have identified an issue the layouts listed below:

    • Sales Order (Continuous).layout

    • SOP Sales Order (Single Plain Paper).layout

    • SOP Sales Order (Single).layout

    this is logged as an issue and you can download corrected copied of these layouts from this article.

  • Jon Whiten commented
    11 Mar 10:19am

    My order lines all print in SOPOrderReturnLines.PrintSequenceNumber - is this what you mean?