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Reports pull current cost prices, rather than cost prices at the time of invoicing.

We run reports, profitability etc. Currently, these reports use the current cost prices, not the cost prices at the time of the transaction.

This causes incorrect values following supplier price increases etc.

The reports show selling prices (at the time of invoice) but cost prices, as of now!

  • Graham Coward
  • Dec 19 2023
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit The current reports give false figures based on historical sell prices but current cost prices.
How do you solve for this problem today? We don't, we have to deal with false figures!
  • Geoff Turner commented
    21 Dec, 2023 07:56am

    Assuming you're referring to the Invoicing / Reports / Invoice Profitability (Detailed) and (Summary) reports, Realised Cost and Realised Profit columns, the cost prices are not based on current cost prices, but the the cost at time of invoice.

    The cost depends on the costing method for each item. If you're using FIFO and seeing "wrong" costs, it's possible that the items' cost wasn't known at the time of invoice as the purchase invoice hadn't been received and you have POP set to update prices at invoice not receipt. In which case, the report will show the later cost.

    The cost of sales postings use the same value, so if you look at the COS postings for each invoice you will see the same values.