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Sales orders to archive correctly for consolidated invoicing accounts was wish list 3990

The Archive Sales Orders function is using Invoice Date if the Sales Ledger Account is set to Consolidation. (Normal Sales Orders will archive on Order Date) 

This problem occurs on SOPs that are left open for a long period of time, have many lines, or many despatches, and where the same SOP is invoiced several times. 
Sage 200 in using Invoice Date can mean that thousands of Sales Orders are unable to be archived. 
It is also compounded where a Sales Order has more than one invoice attached to it, a further and later Invoice Date will prevent the archiving of ALL the SOPs linked to it. 
Even though the majority of SOPs in its "first invoicing date" are complete, they will not archive. This because one of the SOPs is multiple-invoiced at a date in the future. 
This second invoice will have a different invoice number and have no direct relationship to the already-complete SOPs. 
So other SOPs linked by a previous invoice to a SOP that is multi-invoiced will then have to wait until even further in the future to be archived i.e. the latest invoice date of the second invoice. 

Would like the Completed SOPs that have no direct relationship to a second Invoice, and are Completed by a first invoice, to be able to be cleared to the archive. 
Also a report needs to be produced to tell the user why Orders have not archived. 
If there is nothing to be archived, you are told "There are no records found in the system to archive" on screen but greater detail on a report would explain why. 

If the Sales Ledger Account is set to "Use Consolidated Billing" the feature does not archive on Order Date but rather Invoice Date. 
A group of SOPs linked directly or indirectly via Invoices with different dates may not clear at your desired date. 
If this is the case, then NONE of the Sales Orders/Returns will archive for that particular Sales Ledger Account until the LATEST Invoice Date that finally completes the last Sales Order is typed in. 
This can mean a Complete Sales Order that is e.g. 6 months old will not archive because its Invoice is linked to another part-invoiced SOP, and in turn the part-invoiced SOP is also linked to a further SOP that is also part-invoiced. Until every SOP in the "chain" is Completed or Cancelled - and no further links exist, the original Complete Sales Order from 6 months ago will not archive. It will only archive when the "chain" is complete and then it will only archive at the date of the final invoice that completed the "chain" 

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  • Feb 24 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support