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Budget Imports need to overwrite everything

When you import a budget using the import template, at the moment it will overwrite only values of 0.01p or over. If you leave a value blank or a zero it will leave the previous allocation as it is. The ramification of this is that the whole Nominal list has to be ticked back to ascertain where discrepancies are. In a trust, this can take hours when dealing with more than one school. It requires several headings per school to be amended directly in the software one by one to make corrections. A budget import is exactly that and should be reliable to overwrite all values. The helpdesk could only advise entering 0.01 for all nominals not required - that is impractical and merely sticking a plaster on a basic function. If 0.01 goes against all unused nominals then they will be displayed in reports. Apparently this needs to go to software developers to be addressed and will take a few months to rectify. Please make this quicker

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  • May 16 2018
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    1 Feb 02:19pm

    We've tested this scenario with the latest version of our product and import the information with a blank or zero will overwrite the values. If you have any issues please reach out to your support provider.