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Multiple suppliers for stock items

We purchase the same items from different suppliers. It would be great if we could add more than one supplier against these stock items so that when the item is O/S with one supplier, we can choose the next cheapest supplier on the list to maintain inventory levels without having to change the supplier/prices/product code etc. before being able to raise a purchase order. If you could default to preferred supplier and then change if necessary this would be much easier. The option already exists to enter the suppliers product code against own product code so it shouldn't be too much of an issue to add in the extra fields. I know this option exists in other accounts packages

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  • Apr 24 2019
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    27 Feb 02:54pm

    You can add multiple suppliers to a stock record in all variants of Sage 200, previously this was a Professional only feature. If we have misunderstood your requirements please could you provide more information.