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Warehouse Archive

Some companies require a change to the warehouse they are using due to moving site or having additional space. With this we cannot remove the warehouse that is no longer used from the item without causing issues. When you edit warehouse details it would be useful to have the ability to Archive the Warehouse active or inactive. If we make the warehouse inactive then it can Hide the warehouse from each stock item, unless that warehouse has orders or stock. At which point it can give us a report to go through these manually. If we make the warehouse active again then it can give us a list of parts to automatically add this too. The user can either select all or pick one stock item at a time.

  • Guest
  • Sep 27 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
  • Cherry Moran commented
    5 Feb 10:42am

    The inability to make a warehouse inactive must surly be an oversight!