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Allocation transfer to another customer/supplier account:

When in customer or supplier allocation, allocating debits to credits etc. there may at times be differences between the debits and credits for valid reasons and to be able to have the option to transfer the difference to another customer or supplier account. In our example, we are allocating a customers debits and credits and we are left with a difference that we want to be able to transfer to their sister company which is obviously a separate customer account as there is no option to link thetwo accounts together at present, and use this difference to reduce the customers credit account balance. Customer A - we allocate £500 of debit to £400 of credit and we are left with a £100 balance difference Customer B - Has an outstanding balance of £100 that we have nothing to allocate for right now and want to transfer the £100 difference to this account as it is their sister company and they will no longer owe us any money. Result - Both accounts are now in the clear and we can continue trading with them. At present and confirmed by Sage 200 support, we have to enter an opposite transaction for Customer A to allocate and match the difference so there is no difference and then re enter another opposite transaction on Customer B to allocate the difference on this account to clear. Ideally, if this could be implemented then applying this to suppliers account and allocations would make sense too.

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  • Apr 20 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support