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Allow use of any text size not just 100%

We have had many customers complain that when they change the text size from anything other 100%, there are display issues with Sage 200. this is affecting many of Pinnacle&s customers, particularly those upgrading from earlier versions. they view it as a bug, regardless of the fact that Sage do not.

  • Ward, Pamela
  • Nov 23 2016
  • Delivered
Fixed in version n/a
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    25 Oct, 2023 09:21am

    Sage 200 is on a program of modernisation, we don’t plan on making any changes of this nature in our current desktop client, however our Web Screens are the future where accessibility is being delivered and is front of mind with our design. You can see more by visiting our what's new guides & videos as well as in our Web Portal help.

    We're marking this as complete, simply as there is no in progress option - however, we have this covered!

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