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Increase field length of Sales and purchase accounts

Hi At present the field length of the sales and purchase accounts are fixed at 8 characters. This is quite a severe limitation as it means that when integrating Sage 200 to an external web site etc. in some cases, the Customer ID generated by the external source can exceed this. We have various web sites for 13 countries and we previously prefixed the customer numbers with BP, IE, FR etc based on the site that the customer was generated on. we have recently had to remove the prefix added to the customer ID due to the web site customer ID exceeding 6 characters which when prefixed with the two letter Site prefix was the physical limit imposed by the objectstore. We would like to return to this method as it makes the customers easier to find and report on but to enable us to do this we would need the maximum length of the account reference field to be increased. This also makes sense from a Sage business angle as it will extend the life of the Sage 200 product.

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  • Jul 18 2018
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support