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To add a new screen where it is possible to tick Accounts to be hidden/re-activated en-masse (all ledgers)

Customers regularly ask the question whether it is possible to hide accounts en-masse. In the Purchase and Sales Ledgers it is possible to sort Accounts in the Accounts List View using the &Date of Last Transaction & field, then select multiple accounts and amend each Account record one-by-one, but this is time-consuming and it is more difficult using the Nominal Ledger Accounts List View as the &Date of Last Transaction& field is not available there (there is an existing Idea to add this field to this List view). It would be much easier to introduce a new screen (for each ledger) where all Accounts are displayed, with a simple tick box against each Account, relating to Hidden or Active... This screen could also include columns such as On Hold or Date of Last Transaction& to make the identifying process easier.

  • Eric Belshaw
  • Aug 16 2022
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support