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Make available only those workspaces for the modules licenced

When enabling Workspaces and assigning them to Roles please can the licenced modules be taken into account and those Workspaces for modules that the client does not have not show in Sage 200. My example is my client today, they are financials only. I want an easy way of being able to enable all SL, PL, NL and CB Workspaces that doesn't involve having to tick each individual Workspace. Even if the module specific Workspaces are moved into their respective module within the Feature list in Sys Admin, this would make it easier but they are all stored under the blanket Workspace folder. Ideally, if I tick the Workspaces folder against the Role then it should know that they don't have, for example, commercials or BOM or Project Acc etc and not show them in Sage but instead it shows the module and the Workspace even though the client doesn't have those modules. Now I have 8 Roles for this financial site and they all need Workspaces - it takes an age to tick each individual Workspace 8 times.

  • Michelle White
  • May 11 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support