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Workspace Filters on the fly

Since upgrading from Sage 200 2011 to 2016 earlier this month, we've lost some really useful functionality that allows us to flexibly work with sales orders in Workspaces. Previously there were various filter options/criteria on each column header, this is now replaced with a 'contains'-only based criteria, with the loss of 'does not contain' and 'between'. The loss of the individual column filters has caused the loss of an important feature on the date column in particular, where before you could filter on a 'between' range on the fly, allowing quick access to the right batch of orders which we would then work with or run reports from. The only way you can now achieve this is by saving a filter - the list of saved filters is starting to grow and will become difficult to manage or find the right filter - wasting precious time. The saved filters are a fantastic addition of course, but we've lost the ability to be more dynamic/ad-hoc with our filtering. Thanks

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  • Dec 22 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support